Aug 05 2010

Yahoo Store Marketing: Some Guidelines For Better Conversions

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Once your Yahoo Store is up and running, there is a persistent need for a continuous flow of visitors to your site. Effective Yahoo Store Marketing is the key which will pave the way to generating more traffic and subsequent sales. Better marketing will make all the difference between an average store and a successful one.

The best Yahoo Store Marketing techniques will not only increase the number of qualified visitors to your site, but will also result in a higher conversion rate resulting in more sales. Additionally, your site will benefit from a higher search engine rankings. Furthermore, Yahoo Store Marketing will improve your brand image and help customers’ identify with your brand image and corporate identity.

With the right blend of SEO and marketing, and backed by a strong team of internet marketing professionals, it is possible to achieve the needed results with your store. Key steps that will effectively market your site:

• Include effective SEO techniques

• Use SEO friendly content, breaking up and formatting the content to maximize your sites readability

• Edit your material for brevity and relevance

• Keep your information on task

• Use Search Engine Marketing to market your Yahoo Store through a variety of means and techniques such as feeder sites, profiles, and even backlinks

• Use a blog on Yahoo Store where you can blog daily or weekly about new products to increase your traffic and search engine rankings

• Use Pay Per Click Management such as Overture, Google Adwords, and Microsoft Advertising. You can use professional services to handle such campaigns

• Use ethical and industry accepted Email marketing techniques to market your Yahoo store

• Non-electronic and traditional media such as print media, post-cards, and handouts may also prove effective marketing tools

• Use word of mouth and viral marketing methods; network with your own community and connect to other communities

• Use SMM and web 2.0 tools for better marketing of your Yahoo Store and building up your reputation

As the saying goes, “Drop by drop makes an ocean.” Similarly every little effort you make to market your website makes a difference. It may seem difficult and sometimes impossible, but realize it will take some time. So keep at it and you will see that marketing your Yahoo Store can be fun and advantageous in the long run.

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