Aug 24 2013

Yahoo Store Introduces Phase Wise Roll-Out Of New SEO Feature: Aims At Creating More SEO Friendly Image URL’s

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With Google changing the rules of the SEO game, SEO is no longer what it was before. Not that SEO is dead, but the rules of engagement have changed drastically. Nevertheless, making your store images SEO friendly can take your store a long way in-spite of these difficult times. Especially if you have a Yahoo Store!

Yahoo has introduced a new SEO feature for all merchant solutions stores effective July 2013 onwards and over the course of the next several weeks. The feature is being directed at creating more SEO friendly image URL’s. The feature will be released in two stages. Yahoo will inform users in the store manager that the feature is now live.

This latest Yahoo Store update is a truly awesome feature for product updates. With this update, it is possible to help your SEO efforts and even help your products to be found in Google Images. With this images, it is possible to generate a phenomenal amount of traffic from searches based on images.

Up-till now, the dynamic product URL not only made no sense, but the address also changes on a constant basis. This was fine in the earlier days when bandwidth was an issue. However, with bandwidth no longer being a problem today, Yahoo is offering static URL’s for all item images.

Now, this means that product images will have a URL that does not change and is actually product relevant. In the new avatar, Yahoo uses the name of the item as the name of the image. However, if you have long product name, it is possible to enter a shorter variable and update the image name.

Yahoo sees this release as a way of strengthening the URL’s which are associated with images in Yahoo Store. Since this feature is being released in two stages, it will be possible to create SEO friendly static URL’s for uploading new images. The second phase of the roll-out will tackle existing URL’s. However, they will stay as they are until the second phase of the roll out is implemented.

As an SEO professional, you will be aware that static URL’s help ensure that images are not broken when appearing in directories. Additionally, static URL’s are not subject to change and these create consistency in the SEO efforts of your eCommerce enterprise. Moreover, descriptive static URL’s also boost SEO. Hence, while the first release focuses only on new image uploads, the second phase provides SEO-friendly URL’s to all existing product images.

This exciting new feature from Yahoo will find store owners take immense benefit from its use. Hence, if you are a Yahoo Store user, you will find your self lucky enough. By default, the Yahoo Store platform is already SEO friendly. With RTML enhancements in addition to its existing search engine optimization features, it is possible to make the Yahoo Store extremely capable and perform spectacularly.

Hence, you can add features such as visually and SEO friendly tabs, WordPress blogs, SEO friendly site maps, and many others in addition to these SEO friendly image URL’s. Good luck with your Yahoo Store SEO Strategy.

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