Feb 04 2014

Utilizing The Yahoo Store Merchant Platform To Enhance Your Online Business

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Once you have chosen your online business plan, and have all the tools as well in place to operate your new business, you can use the Yahoo Store merchant platform to move ahead. Especially, if you are going to operate a small business, you will need to check which Yahoo Store package you will need to accommodate your needs, while you build this store online.

Thus, Yahoo Merchants Solutions is the right e-commerce solution from Yahoo that is needed to create as well as operate your new small business. There are three packages that Yahoo Merchant solutions offers to get you going.   The three packages viz Starter, Standard, and Professional offer you the right opportunities to grow your business the way you desire. Therefore, it is recommended that you take the starter plan initially and as you grow forward, you need to take the higher plans as requested.

Just as other store builders require sign up, Yahoo! also requires you to sign up for a plan. However, this package provides you with most of the essentials to make your store a brilliant success. The most basic plan in this package is the “Merchant Starter”, which is an all inclusive store, which costs just $29.95. This is indeed a low rate, considering what Yahoo offers its customers compared to other store builders out there. Similarly, you can pick up the Yahoo! Standard as well as Yahoo! Professional to help you take the right step forward to launch your business.

Now that you have selected the right business plan to take your business ahead, it is the time to design your store. See that you have a branded theme ready with your logo as well as any images of your products. Also, having your product descriptions and price list ready is a good idea. Thus, you can design the store easily with the help of using Yahoo’s store builder.  Go ahead and choose the right combination of your lay out, theme, template, colors, image, and text setup.  At this point, it becomes necessary for store owners to look for simple yet edgy ways for creating an online store. Yahoo! allows you to add your products, descriptions, pricing, as well as other items.

Yahoo! also includes secure payment processing with tits packages, so that they can be displayed right on your store. This often forms a key element of your store that is often missing. Once completed, you can design the store checkout page, so that you can move on to another important page such as shipping, returns policy, customer support and other important features that are important for your store.

Additionally, it is extremely easy to access marketing as well as SEO analytics that are easy to use with the help of Yahoo. With the help of this feature, you will get to see who is looking at  your store, so that you can determine which products you are selling the most, and even customize your merchandise, so that you can include deals as well as promotions that depend upon what you want to sell. Additionally, you want to set up email marketing campaigns.

Finally, it becomes necessary to build your online store, once you have chosen a merchant package. Now, Yahoo has two different tools for hosting as well as building your store. These  are – Store Editor as well as Yahoo Web Hosting. In case you have just been introduced to building web page building, and do not know HTML, then you can use the store editor in case you want to create the Yahoo Store as soon as possible. With Yahoo Store, it is possible to fill out a few forms as well as upload your images via a browser. The store editor will create your product pages for you. In either case, the Yahoo Merchants solution has a variety of features to create, manage, as well as market your website as well as Yahoo online store.

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