Feb 28 2014

Non-Store Small Business to Benefit from Yahoo Commerce Central Now Onwards

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Yahoo Commerce Central has always looked forward to serve customers in new ways possible. This time, Yahoo Commerce Central hit a new milestone – this time Yahoo! has extended its services as well as solutions that extend beyond the universe of online store. Now, Yahoo Commerce Central is available to most small businesses with a website – not just those small businesses which are transacting online. Yahoo! now welcome in particular Yahoo Web Hosting customers.

The free Live Web Insights app is now accessible by logging into your web hosting acount. This provides the insights you need to find as well as engage new customers. Thereby, you can also stay at the helm of your business ad even improve your online business. Live Web Insights is now already in use by online retailers. This allows small businesses to:

1. What is exactly happening on your website in real time:

With Live Web Insights, you can obtain real-time information about current site visitors, which lets you see how your visitors are browsing your site for information on which products and services you provide.

2. Convert visitors into customers

With the help of Live Web Insights, you can request a chat with your visitor on your site via just one click. This makes it possible to answer questions, as well as provide recommendations on your products as well as services, that go way ahead in increasing sales.

3. Get data-driven guidance

With the help of Live Web Insights, you can find your top keywords, referring sites, and other information such as where your customers are coming from, your website’s growth, as well as industry benchmarks, which go a long way to highlight new opportunities as well as other areas that provide more room to exploit for further improvement as well as growth.

4. Easily add apps that help find as well as engage with new customers

It’s now possible to integrate additional Yahoo apps, that help get your message in front of millions of Yahoo customers. You can even install apps that help recover lost sales by showing display ads to visitors who previously came to your website. Also possible to download is a live sales app that provides alerts via text or email about potential buyers.

When you log in to the Yahoo Web Hosting account, it is now possible to check out the free Live Web Insights app for real-time customer engagement and analytics.

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